Wildwood Gates (---) 3*Settlement-hexes Faery gate nexus to 10 courts; Castlewood-court, Cloud (Court Seelie Troop) court, Bright-court (Woodland Shining troop elf), Dark-court (Unseelie elf), Stone court (Troll-folk, Mine-dwarf), Wildman-court, Bamboo-grove court ("samurai" fairy tale ), Silver-Underhill Court (Couatl, High Fae court Seelie), Court of the Stars [Mutant apocalypse punk], Court of the Horse People [Wild West steam and arcane science Punk]

Castlewood-court; a very small population in an old semi-ruined castle- in a corner of a wildwood of three settlement hexes, with Castle-wood dorf just over the edge of a cliff at the base outside the wildwood in the surrounding woodland with its uncanny reputation spilling out from the wildwood

Silver Underhill court; (High King/ [is actually a Couatl, Master of Sylvan life, High Citadel of the Silver Underhill, the Silver Underhill is a silver clad step pyramid]);

Cloud (Court Seelie Troop) court; is ruled buy the Witch- ultraclass of the Clouds

Bamboo-grove Court ("samurai" fairy tale);

Wildman court; [Half-Goblinfolk hero-class mercenary troop & assassin tribesman]

Bright-court ((Woodland Shining troop));

Dark-court (Unseelie elf); Is in the Honeycombs in a great Cavern of eight settlement hexes in size three the wildwood, three more are a lake that bounds the wildwood and another of section is hunting lands across the lake the only entrances to the cavern are the entering and exiting river directly into the lake and two more into the hunting land across the lake, the exit point of the Faery gate is always placed so that it can be blocked by the Wardens requiring one to take to the lake to travel to the rest of the Wildwood.

Stone court (Troll folk, Mine-dwarves);

Court of the Stars [Mutant apocalypse Punk];

Court of the Horse People [Wild West steam and arcane science Punk];

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